This blog is designed to post multimedia projects that share some information about myself over this semester for com210. I am new to blogging so this will be an introduction for myself; I am learning as I go so please bare with me.

First off, I love to try new things at least once. I am usually very shy at first so putting myself in a position to overcome that helps me break out of my shell. I feel like it’s important to make yourself uncomfortable at times so that you can learn to adjust to new situations and environments you are thrown into. I hope to do a lot of traveling throughout my life, especially to warm places, considering I don’t do too well in the cold for a long period of time.

Also, my goal is to work in public relations. Most people ask what that means or where I would work, honestly that’s a tough question. I would prefer to work in the entertainment area of pr such as sports, music or art. I have a double minor of psychology and art history, both I found very enjoyable so if I could tie some aspect of that in would be even better. I think that taking a few different paths in the beginning of my career will strengthen my decision of deciding where I want to end up long term.








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