“Wrap Up”

My favorite project this semester was probably the video project because it incorporated video, visuals and audio; along the fact I was working with the same programs in another communication class I took this semester, by the end of classes I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of how to edit a decent video/audio project. I also enjoyed learning how to do the logos and designs because that’s a skill I had never learned or developed before which I think will be very useful to me in the future. I’m majoring in public relations so all of the video and audio editing we have done as well as the blog and media tools we used will help me in that career path (and the rest of my courses to get there). I wish we could have learned a little about search engine optimization in this course because I know that will be something I will be introduced to in courses coming up for a public relations major. I primarily used websites that were posted in this class for my referencing which was all very helpful so I didn’t really need to go look for other places to use as resources. Taking this course at the same time as my other communication courses at times helped a lot because I was learning things that overlapped at times which gave me an opportunity to understand the skill better, but taking this class alongside comjour333 for example, became a little overwhelming at times when project due dates were right by each other especially in the beginning of the courses while I was first learning to use these tools and programs. By the end of this semester however, I felt much more confident in putting together my projects and was able to manage my time better after learning how much needed to be put into the projects. Overall I really enjoyed this course and the skills it taught I know all of them will be very useful for me as I get closer to a career in this field!


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