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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMvUPtt476k&feature=youtu.be (MUSIC)



In the first few shots I tried to capture some footage of the WSU campus, highlighting shots of the primary buildings that pertain to my major and both minors as well as the cub because it is the central building for students and events.

The first frame starts with the Compton Union Building (CUB) then I cross-dissolve to Todd where my psychology classes were held to reference my minor in it. Following that is a cross-dissolve to the Murrow building referencing my major in Communication: Public Relations. I will have a shot of the Fine Arts building in my final to represent my second minor in art history.

I use a dip-to-black transition to the current house I’m living in here in Pullman. I use cross-dissolve to switch between shots of the upstairs where the bedrooms are, and the downstairs where the living room and kitchen are. I plan to capture more footage of the house when my four roommates are around, but with all of our busy schedules I wasn’t able to get them for my draft.

Another dip-to-black transitions to my boyfriend Ben’s house, where I spend the other half of my time. I use cross-dissolves again to switch from each frame showing different parts of his house. I have a shot of Ben and his roommate Jake playing video games in the living room, but I also plan to get his other roommates in some footage for the final as well (unfortunately the other three were out of town for the weekend).


My audio will be myself narrating the transitions between the campus, my house, and Ben’s house along with introducing the people that will be in the shots. I didn’t upload my audio to my draft because I need to get footage of my roommates and possibly some of my friends.

I will also be using an original song from Spencer Graham, one of Ben’s roommates and a friend of mine, for background music throughout the video. I am adding a clip of some of his music just as a sample of his music before I decide which song of his I will use. The music is not on my draft either because Spencer and I are deciding what I want to use as the theme for my video.


My draft is very “rough” right now, my computer crashed recently so using the lab has been rather inconvenient because I have to transfer video/audio/text, anything pertaining to my project, through flashdrives. I explained in my outline that I will add narration of the scene transitions – campus, my house, Bens’ house – as well as introduce people in the footage after I am able to get shots of my roommates and friends. I also mentioned in the outline I will be using an original song from Spencer Graham, a friend/roommate after I decide what I want to use. I am adding a clip of Spencer’s music to give a sample of his amazing musical abilities. I am also debating on whether or not I should include soundbites from any/everyone in the final video. I want to make my video more of a collage because “about me” seems to be most effectively shown as sort of a taste of meaningful places/people in my life as of right now so instead of trying to organize it, which will end up only making sense to me, I want to try to produce a splash of everything around me for the viewer. I have a lot more work to put in but with a new computer (I will have by Tuesday) I think I will  be able to put a lot more time into it for better quality!


4 thoughts on “draft video

  1. The first thing I noticed in the video that I would offer advice about changing would be flipping the footage that is recorded sideways. That would definitely help the video smoother, but the transitions fading in and out between the clips was a great touch! Another thing I would add would be audio, audio helps making any video more interesting! Lastly adding a text introduction, text transitions, and credits in the end would help the video more clear and more like a story.

    The written portion of the story did a good job explaining the reasoning behind picking the scenes you did. May think about incorporating some of the text from your story into the video to give an explanation for the viewers! I read that you are planning on including audio in the final which I am excited to see!

    One more suggestion I would have is for your story board, maybe plan on including times of scenes and explaining them visually.

  2. Hey Brittney,

    Good work with the video draft. It looks like you have got some good shots to work with. I thought you also had some smooth slide transitions. This really can help make the video look nicer and more professional. As you work more on this make sure the story flows and is understandable. You might consider using the 5-shot rule that can be found by clicking on the “Multimedia Fundamentals” link in the class blog. This could help you to get some interesting shots as you tell the story that you are planning on sharing. You also may want to think of some audio to help tell the story whether it be through yourself speaking or typed words. I think there might be a way to get the sideway images turned right side up if you are wanting to do that. Good job at getting something turned in without a computer.

  3. It was very interesting angle to use to start it of, and it was really nice to see it, it almost felt like as if I was engaged into the each scene. But I would recommend fr you to use that you might want to change the angle of the video, cause it might distract your audience. Also I would recommend you to add some background music to it to make it more exciting. But overall transitions were very smooth, and your video allows the audience to engage into your video. Nicely done, and hope for good luck!

  4. I’m happy I got some good feedback from my peers, I agree that the video needs to be flipped so that it isn’t sideways this was unintentional and I couldn’t figure out how to fit the video so that it would rotate. I usually can click the sequence I’ve made and click “fit to frame” but that wasn’t working. I also noted that I will be adding music from a friend/boyfriend’s roommate to help entertain the viewer. I also think it was a great suggestion to add text to transition between parts of the video when going from one set of scene slips to the next. I will definitely try that out for the final. Audio will help put my video together, unfortunately I was having computer troubles at the time of putting together my draft so I’m excited to see what I can come up with now that that problem is fixed! Thanks again for the feedback!

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