Com210 Class Topic

I have chosen to use “about me” as my topic for class this semester. I actually consider writing and/or talking about myself is more difficult than using another topic but I think it will push me out of my comfort zone a little, but because I am kind of an expert on myself it will be good practice for future blog posts and will be a good step into this project.

A little background about me; I grew up in in western Washington in the small town of Yelm (right next to Olympia). I am an only child but very close with my family. My mom is from New Mexico and has an extremely large family, and my dad from Oregon. I was always active during school with sports, dance and cheer. This is my senior year at WSU and I have really enjoyed being here the past four years. However, I will be thankful to never have to walk through the snow to class in the morning. I try to lighten awkward situations with humor, which doesn’t always ease the tension but is always meant to be friendly.

I look forward to learning through these multimedia projects, I am new to all of these programs and software but am excited to get familiar with them. Hopefully I can catch on quick and keep up with the rest of you!


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