“Wrap Up”

My favorite project this semester was probably the video project because it incorporated video, visuals and audio; along the fact I was working with the same programs in another communication class I took this semester, by the end of classes I felt that I had a pretty good understanding of how to edit a decent video/audio project. I also enjoyed learning how to do the logos and designs because that’s a skill I had never learned or developed before which I think will be very useful to me in the future. I’m majoring in public relations so all of the video and audio editing we have done as well as the blog and media tools we used will help me in that career path (and the rest of my courses to get there). I wish we could have learned a little about search engine optimization in this course because I know that will be something I will be introduced to in courses coming up for a public relations major. I primarily used websites that were posted in this class for my referencing which was all very helpful so I didn’t really need to go look for other places to use as resources. Taking this course at the same time as my other communication courses at times helped a lot because I was learning things that overlapped at times which gave me an opportunity to understand the skill better, but taking this class alongside comjour333 for example, became a little overwhelming at times when project due dates were right by each other especially in the beginning of the courses while I was first learning to use these tools and programs. By the end of this semester however, I felt much more confident in putting together my projects and was able to manage my time better after learning how much needed to be put into the projects. Overall I really enjoyed this course and the skills it taught I know all of them will be very useful for me as I get closer to a career in this field!


COM210 Video Project

final video project

My topic for this class, and for this video is “about me” so I decided to put together a collage of videos and photos to share.
First this is my dad, he is probably the most important person in my life. He has always supported me in every decision I have ever made and/or obstacle I have faced.
Next, the other most important person in my life, is my mom. I have always been really close with my family and I don’t know where I would be without all of my mom’s love and care.
I came to WSU four years ago already knowing I was interested in majoring in communication, specifically public relations. It has been quite an experience filled with ups and downs at times but overall had been the best time of my life.
Along the way of earning my degree I decided to get a minor in psychology because I was enjoying the classes so much.
Then I decided I wanted a second minor in art history because I found it was interesting and fun for me.
At the beginning of last summer I moved in with four other girls; Amanda, Casey, Necia and Liz. They are some of the best roommates anyone could ask for.
My boyfriend Ben is one of the nicest, funniest and most genuine person I know. I’ve never met anyone that I get along better with.
He lives with 4 other guys Jake, Spencer, Dustin and Riku in their house, but I’m pretty much an honorary roommate too.
Spencer is very talented musically and let me record one of his songs for this video.
I have great friends that always keep me laughing and remind me to take a step back and enjoy every part of life!
These are some of the people, places and things that are important pieces to my life, I hope you liked this peek into it!


8 second still frame of myself for the introduction of the video, because my topic is “about me”
8 second still frame of my dad and I taken over dad’s weekend here at WSU
4 second still frame of my mom and I
4 second still frame of my mom and I, again
4 second still frame of my first cougar football game with a few friends
4 second still frame of the Edward R. Murrow building on campus because that is where most of my classes are located
4 second still frmae of my friends and I taken the of a cougar football game
2 seconds of video footage I took on campus while walking on the hill
Another 2 seconds of video footage I took on the hill
2 seconds of video footage I took of Todd, because that is where majority of my psychology classes were held

2 seconds of more footage walking on the hill
5 seconds of video footage I took in front of the fine arts building because that is where all of the classes I took for my art history minor were
4 seconds of video footage I took at my house with a couple of my roommates in the scene
1 second still frame of me with a few of my roommates shooting pool at Valhalla
3 second video footage I took in the kitchen with two of my roommates, Casey and Necia
1 second video clip of me asking one of my roommates what it’s like living with me
7 second video clip of my roommate Casey telling why she likes living with me
7 second still frame of my boyfriend Ben and I
5 second video footage of Ben’s roommates at their house
1 second still frame of Ben’s roommate Jake and I taken halloween weekend
1 second still frame of Ben’s roommate Matt and I taken last semester
15 second video footage I took of Ben’s roommate Spencer showing off his talents
2 second still frame of my friend Shannon and I at a cougar football game
1 second still frame of my friends Chelsea and Serena and me
1 second still frame of my friend Anna and I taken on new year’s eve
1 second still frame of my boyfriend Ben and I on vacation over winter break
2 second still frame of myself for the conclusion of my video

00;00 – 00;00;16;00
I introduce my video during the still frame of myself
I introduce my dad and then my mom
00;00;32;00 – 00;00;48;00
I talk about what I chose to study and my experience so far at WSU during still frames of my friends and I as well as video footage I took walking along the hill (on campus)
I talk about my roommates Amanda, Casey, Necia and Liz
I attempt to ask my roommates what it’s like to live with me and my roommate Casey jokingly responds to why she likes living with me in a video clip I took at our house
I introduce my boyfriend Ben in a still frame of the two of us
00;01;36;02 – 00;01;52;02
I introduce Ben’s roommates during video footage I took of some of them and a still frame of his roommate Jake followed by a still frame of his roommate Matt
I talk a little about Ben’s roommate Spencer who let me use some of his music for my video
00;01;52;02 – 00;02 (end)
I conclude my video during the crossfading of still frames of my friends and I

For the final video story I decided to add photos to the sequence so that there was more variety for the viewer. I also added more footage to include a sound bite from my roommates as well as a clip of my friend/boyfriend’s roommate playing a song he wrote. I put in my audio narration so that the video flowed as I explained what, who, and/or why the visuals were shown. I tried to keep it organized by introducing my family which led into coming to school and then the people that have impacted my life after coming to school so that it was essentially in chronological order. However, I was aiming for a sort of collage piece by mixing the video footage I took with stiff frames so that it wasn’t so predictable and boring (like my draft was). I got the idea to add still frames from photos after the peer reviews we did, one of the people in my group chose to do a slideshow and I found that unique and very well put together so I wanted to try using that technique. After putting the sequence in an order I felt worked, I edited cross dissolve transitions between each so that they could lead into the next frame smoothly. I am very happy with the editing and how the final product turned out. I find it sort of awkward to narrate my own life because I’m never sure what to include, so focusing the video not just on myself but the important people and places in my life as well, allowed me to create a sort of flash overview of my life in just a couple minutes. After gathering enough material to work with I started having fun mixing and editing different clips together and I hope that comes through in the project.

draft video


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mMvUPtt476k&feature=youtu.be (MUSIC)



In the first few shots I tried to capture some footage of the WSU campus, highlighting shots of the primary buildings that pertain to my major and both minors as well as the cub because it is the central building for students and events.

The first frame starts with the Compton Union Building (CUB) then I cross-dissolve to Todd where my psychology classes were held to reference my minor in it. Following that is a cross-dissolve to the Murrow building referencing my major in Communication: Public Relations. I will have a shot of the Fine Arts building in my final to represent my second minor in art history.

I use a dip-to-black transition to the current house I’m living in here in Pullman. I use cross-dissolve to switch between shots of the upstairs where the bedrooms are, and the downstairs where the living room and kitchen are. I plan to capture more footage of the house when my four roommates are around, but with all of our busy schedules I wasn’t able to get them for my draft.

Another dip-to-black transitions to my boyfriend Ben’s house, where I spend the other half of my time. I use cross-dissolves again to switch from each frame showing different parts of his house. I have a shot of Ben and his roommate Jake playing video games in the living room, but I also plan to get his other roommates in some footage for the final as well (unfortunately the other three were out of town for the weekend).


My audio will be myself narrating the transitions between the campus, my house, and Ben’s house along with introducing the people that will be in the shots. I didn’t upload my audio to my draft because I need to get footage of my roommates and possibly some of my friends.

I will also be using an original song from Spencer Graham, one of Ben’s roommates and a friend of mine, for background music throughout the video. I am adding a clip of some of his music just as a sample of his music before I decide which song of his I will use. The music is not on my draft either because Spencer and I are deciding what I want to use as the theme for my video.


My draft is very “rough” right now, my computer crashed recently so using the lab has been rather inconvenient because I have to transfer video/audio/text, anything pertaining to my project, through flashdrives. I explained in my outline that I will add narration of the scene transitions – campus, my house, Bens’ house – as well as introduce people in the footage after I am able to get shots of my roommates and friends. I also mentioned in the outline I will be using an original song from Spencer Graham, a friend/roommate after I decide what I want to use. I am adding a clip of Spencer’s music to give a sample of his amazing musical abilities. I am also debating on whether or not I should include soundbites from any/everyone in the final video. I want to make my video more of a collage because “about me” seems to be most effectively shown as sort of a taste of meaningful places/people in my life as of right now so instead of trying to organize it, which will end up only making sense to me, I want to try to produce a splash of everything around me for the viewer. I have a lot more work to put in but with a new computer (I will have by Tuesday) I think I will  be able to put a lot more time into it for better quality!